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Ikea kitchen

Ikea kitchen

The space we live in is getting more and more expensive, therefore using most of it is always a good idea. The Scandinavian company Ikea has designed the “Metod” kitchen. In my opinion, apart from the beautiful design, the extra space you get is what makes this kitchen a good one to buy.

Extra space in cabinets

If we don´t get a closer look, we will not realize that you will get the extra space, however, if you take a closer look is a lot of space to consider. What Ikea did to create more space is a bigger base cabinet with an extra 10 cm length and 5 cm depth. To achieve the extra space, they used both the space underneath and at the back of the units. Space in my opinion dead or used for pipes and cables by plumbers and electricians.

Most of the kitchen suppliers have the back of the units at a minimum of 5 cm from the wall.  As well the kickboard is at 18 cm from the floor allowing for pipes or cables in some cases, however, in Ikea, it’s not the case. There is practically no space behind the presses and the plumbing and electrics have to be in an exact place.

Installers problems

The main problem for installers is that they have pipes and cables to cut around but when done properly fitting an Ikea should not be difficult. Therefore from the owner’s point of view, the plumbing and electrics will have to be neater and will look better.

The big challenge of buying from Ikea is that their items come flat-packed. And, even if you fitted some Ikea furniture and it could be fun, is better left to professionals. It’s a big job.

Our service

We at Quality Renovations have an  Ikea installation service and with our cost calculator, you can have an approximate quote. We can do the plumbing and electrics. For a bigger job if you want to make the walls straight for the installation we can do that as well.


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  • Suhana Morgan
    September 11, 2019, 6:59 am REPLY

    Ther are two things to decor the inter home decoration, one is kitchen another part bathroom. If anybody thinks to develop their house must improve these two space and daily cleaning, those lead a happy lives.

    • admin@Suhana Morgan
      September 28, 2019, 10:58 pm REPLY

      They also are the most expensive rooms to renovate in the house.

  • kitchen showroom
    February 3, 2021, 7:25 am REPLY

    Hey thanks for posting this useful content on ikea kitchen presented here, I really hope it will be helpful to many. I hope you keep update us with such great tips and information in future too. This is a great post; I will share as much as I can. Appreciative content!!

  • saar byrne
    August 24, 2021, 6:47 am REPLY

    We are looking to buy and get an Ikea kitchen fitted. It is a small kitchen, 7 cabinets, one side cabinet, with no real integration of any appliances, bar the sink. The gas hob is free standing. I can go into more detail when necessary. Have you availability for this? The old kitchen will be ripped out. my number is 0863595124. The house is in drimnagh, its a mid terrace house. We have not purchased the kitchen yet, which could be bought through BnQ or Ikea. We are happy to take any recommendation. Thanks, Saar

  • Bathtub Resurfacing
    August 31, 2021, 10:04 am REPLY

    Thanks for such amazing and wonderful ideas for maintaining the kitchen.

  • Adam george
    September 3, 2021, 9:44 am REPLY

    Such incredible advice from so many awesome sources! I love it!


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